Beachy Hair Spray

Prep Time

5 min

Prep Notes

Note: A lot of gels and hair products contain potentially harmful ingredients. In this spray, I personally use the Alba Botanic Strong Hold Style Gel which holds really well, is paraben-free, and Alba does not do animal testing. However, this brand does contain wheat protein so if that is a concern, look for a gluten-free brand like Hugo Natural Styling Gel. If you use hair gel or other products, I’d recommend looking them up in the EWG Skin Deep Database to check the safety of ingredients.



  1. Mix the hot water, sea salt, gel, and essential oils. Pour into your favorite spray bottle. Shake well before each use.


If you hair already has some texture to it, this is all it takes to add the beachy effect. Then it’s all about the scrunching action to create the desired waves…

For folks with thin and super fine hair, sometimes the spray and scrunching itself might not be enough to create the desired texture. In this case, it’s time for some easy bobby pin curls to add additional waves.

Begin by grabbing medium sections of hair and twisting around your finger, then pinning each section to your head using bobby pins. Keep bobby pin curls in place until hair is dry, then let loose. When my hair was shorter, this was my favorite way to curl my hair because I didn’t have to use a curling iron. To help move the process along and make hair dry faster, you can also blow dry your hair with the pins in place.

As a final finishing step, I like to rub just a dab of coconut oil (a little goes a loong way!) between my palms and then scrunch hair again. This gives the hair a bit more shine. (Remember to just use a dab to keep hair looking shiny, not greasy.)

And that’s it! Now you’re ready for summer!