Flat Belly Detox Water Recipe

Prep Time

about a 1 hour soak

Prep Notes

  • Mint promotes easy digestion and soothes stomach cramps.
  • Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties and prevent water retention.
  • Orange juice stimulates the immune system and reduces cholesterol.
  • Lemon cleans out the digestive system.

Cooking Time

0 min


24 oz


  • 24-ounce ice cold water
  • slices of cucumber
  • fresh mint leaves
  • ½ lemon, sliced
  • ¼ orange, sliced 


Throw everything together and let it soak!



One in 10 Americans suffer from regular bloating. In some cases, it can become severe enough that it causes distention – a noticeable swelling of the abdomen. This is a serious digestion problem. Distention may mean the digestion tract is blocked.

Bloating and gas are usually tied to what and how we eat – eating too fast, drinking through a straw, chewing gum and consuming bloat-inducing foods and drinks like beans, dairy and soda. There are many ways to help reduce gas and bloating.

Detox water recipes will contribute to remove bloating or distention. They will also curb cravings and flush out toxins. Over time, one will observe a flatter belly and I more healthy digestive system.