Dishwasher Gel

Prep Time

5 min

Cooking Time



about 30 oz


3 TBSP liquid Castile soap
• 3 cups warm water
• 1 cup washing soda


Combine all of the ingredients into a re-sealable container of your choice. When making your selection, consider how you would like to dispense your detergent. Mason jars store liquids well and fit seamlessly into kitchen storage options. Or use an old detergent bottle, like I did.

Next, close the container and shake. Shake it. Seriously. Shake it. A lot.  Even leave it upside down and shake it a few times throughout the day until it gels to prevent separation.The agitation will result in a gel consistency similar to store-bought dishwashing liquid at a much lower cost.  

Add more washing soda a little at a time to gel it to your desired consistency.

Use 2 TBSP per load in the main wash
Optional: 1 additional TBSP in the pre-wash or you can use vinegar, or salt for extra umph!

The unique thing about this dishwasher detergent is that you can use it as the main cleaner or as a pre-wash. Play around with it to find your best combo! 

Add cheap sea salt to the pre-rinse dispenser and put some vinegar on the top rack in a cup. It really helps with the cleaning power and removes residue.

Also, remember to clean your dishwasher once a month! It really does help.


Shake bottle before each use.