Keto Smoothie - SuperCharged Key Lime Pie

Prep Notes

This is a fantastic recipe for a breakfast smoothie or an after school smoothie for the kids.  You have great fats with the coconut milk and the avocado.  You have loads of anti-oxidant phytonutrients in the spinach and lime.  You have great flavor in the stevia, banana bone broth protein and vanilla.

I changed Megan’s original recipe and took out the sugar sources (raw honey and a banana) and added the super tasty banana bone broth protein and a little more avocado (1 full instead of 1/2).  This significantly reduced the carb count and made this a low-carb, ketogenic recipe that helps that is loaded with collagen protein for the gut, joints and skin.

Soaking the cashews is advantageous as it helps to remove the phytic acids and enzyme inhibitors that block nutrient absorption.


2 servings


2 cups of full-fat organic coconut milk

½ cup soaked cashews

1 avocado

1 large handful of spinach

Juice of one lime

¼ tsp of vanilla

3 scoops of Bone Broth Banana Protein powder

5-10 drops of vanilla stevia (optional to taste)


Put all ingredients in blender and blend.


Add more/less stevia depending on how sweet you like it. You can also add more leafy greens if you really want to pack a punch.